Executive Committee

Chairs: Michael Binkley and Jamie Flerlage

The GLOW Executive Committee is comprised of leading international experts in NLPHL representing their respective regions (Europe, North America, and global regions) and specialties (oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, early career investigators, statisticians, and patients/caregivers). The Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Providing strategic planning and oversight of committees
  • Establishing GLOW policies and procedures
  • Reviewing and approving scientific projects and publications
  • Assessing funding opportunities
  • Evaluating progress toward GLOW aims

Research Committees

Retrospective Analyses Committee

Chair: Michael Binkley

Harmonizes data from pediatric and adult cooperative groups to identify clinical and prognostic factors for the risk of relapse, transformation, and survival across the age continuum for patients with NLPHL. The committee currently has the following aims:

  • Assemble the largest curated database of patients with NLPHLto study outcomes for all ages and stages
  • Develop a lymphocyte-predominant international prognostic score (LP-IPS)
  • Report outcomes for individual variant patterns
  • Inform planned multi-center international prospective trials

Pathology & Translational Biology Committee

Chairs: Rachel Mariani and Aliyah Sohani

Serves as a central pathology review, a central tissue bank, and a translational research group.

Patient-Reported Outcomes Committee

Chair: Ajay Major

Characterizes longitudinal changes in health-related quality of life for patients diagnosed with NLPHL.

Prospective Trial Committee

Chairs: Michael Binkley and Jamie Flerlage

Responsible for the design of a global frontline clinical trial to deintensify therapy in order to provide a new standard of care for all ages in the treatment of NLPHL globally.