Next Annual Summit

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Past Summits

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2022: 1st Annual GLOW Summit

Summit Objectives

  1. Provide opportunity to network with collaborators face to face
  2. Reflect on GLOW accomplishments to date
  3. Propose GLOW work plan for 2023
  4. Discuss critical questions for a prospective NLPHL clinical trial

Summit Outcomes

  1. Enthusiastic global approval and support from both pediatric and adult providers including the global pathology and clinical trials community and the leaders of clinical trial collaborative groups
  2. Comprehensively reviewed historical and current classification, diagnosis, and management of nLPHL by recognized experts and global leaders in Hodgkin lymphoma
  3. General support for prospective initiatives of the consortium at large
  4. Identified next steps, challenges, and benefits of proceeding to prospective nLPHL clinical trial and/or registry
  5. Discussion of big data initiatives such as NODAL (Hodgkin working group of the PCDC) and Michael Binkley’s retrospective database as a path to additional analyses
  6. All Summit objectives were achieved