GLOW, the Global nLPHL One Working Group, seeks to study the pathologic characterization and clinical behavior of nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL) through an international effort for this rare disease.

We are currently performing a comprehensive retrospective study of all ages and all stages of patients with NLPHL to identify clinical and prognostic factors for the risk of relapse, transformation, and survival across the age continuum.

We also have a pathology and translational biology subgroup composed of world-renowned hematopathologists who perform central pathology review and cutting-edge translational research to better characterize the biology and microenvironment of NLPHL and in-depth analysis of the variant patterns.

GLOW supports a prospective registry of cases. Ultimately, informed by these efforts, GLOW plans to launch an international front-line trial for all ages patients with NLPHL around the world.